12-30-18 Bruce Bliss - Balanced Disciple

Up Questions
Do I make enough space for payer?
What situation or what person is weighing on my heart?
Am I noticing God’s strength and power more and more in my life?
Am I living in a state of peace?
Am I afraid or nervous?
Am I obedient to God’s prompting?

In Questions
Do I love the people at FAC (in my community)?
How well do I know their story?
Do I have any FAC relationships outside of Sunday morning?
Am I discipling anyone?
Am I making myself vulnerable to others?
Do I keep my promises?

Out Questions
Do I have a heart for people not living in the story of Jesus?
How often do I share my faith?
Do I leave time for relationships with non-Christians?
Am I proud of the gospel or ashamed?
Am I a servant?
Do I intentionally spend time with the poor?
Am I generous with my finances to those who don’t have enough?

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