12-27-20 Kevin Goins - What the Wisemen Teach Us About Worship

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“What the Wisemen Teach Us About Worship” 
Matthew 2:1-12
Only Matthew tells us about the wisemen who came to see the newborn King of the Jews.  In many ways these strange visitors are clothed in mystery.  We actually know very little about them.  We do, however, know two very important things:  the wisemen teach us that the good news of Christmas should stir us to worship, and they give us valuable insight into how we can be worshipers.  What do they teach us?                   

I First, the wisemen teach us that to be worshipers we must be people who are ______-sighted, not ________-sighted (2:1-2).

A. Worship calls for a radically d_______________ perspective:  we must take our eyes off ourselves and look far beyond our own i_________________ concerns.

B. “Until __________ gets something out of our worship, we never will. 

II Second, the wisemen teach us that if we are going to be worshipers, we must stand against h__________________ and i_______________ (2:3-8).

A. As worshipers our first challenge is to face the opposition of those who think our worship is i_____________.

B. Our second challenge is to face the greatest enemy of worship we will ever face, and that is o______ o______ indifference.

III Third, the wisemen teach us that worship compels us to _________ something (2:9).
A. Nowhere does the Bible depict worship as a restful undemanding activity where you just s_________ and w___________.

B. Worship begins in the _______________, but it does not stop there; it moves to our mouth, hands, and feet.

IV Fourth, the wisemen teach us that real worship is accompanied by j_______________ g____________ (2:10-11).

A. Giving to God may just be the most s________________ form of worship in which we will ever take part.

B. When we give God our money, and we do it with real joy, we are saying that God is w___________ more to us than anything, and to say that is to worship.

V Lastly, the wisemen teach us that worship always c______________ us (2:12).

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