12-08-19 Kevin Goins - Making Mary’s Story My Story

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“Making Mary’s Story Our Story”   Luke 1:26-2:7

Of all the characters who played a part in the birth of the Savior, there is none who seems as unapproachable as Mary. Women have a hard time relating to a woman who gave birth knowing there was no human father she could blame for her pain. Men feel some sympathy for Joseph but we have no idea how to comprehend Mary. And then we Protestants feel estranged from Mary because the Roman Catholic Church has almost deified her. But all this misses the point. Next to Jesus there is no one so pivotal to the Christmas story as Mary, and if we want to know how to make the Christmas story our story, we dare not overlook her.

I First, Mary teaches us that no matter how ___________ it may be, it is ____________ to live out the Christmas story in our daily lives (1:26-37).

A. Why did the Savior have to be ______ as well as _________? Because no human being has a __________ for the problem of sin.

B. Why was it necessary for the Savior to be a _________ _________ at all? Because justice can only be done when wrongdoing is ____________ and God could not take our punishment.

II Second, Mary teaches us that just because it is _____________ to live out the Christmas story does not mean it will be ____________ (1:38).

A. When Mary and Joseph answered God’s call, people didn’t a_________ them – they ____________ at them.

B. God doesn’t call us to live a b________ or m__________ life. He calls us to an e___________ life on the cutting edge of his Kingdom.

III Third, Mary teaches us that living out the Christmas story will have an impact ______ _______________ ourselves (1:46-55).

IV Fourth, Mary teaches us that living out the Christmas story is not something we are expected to do ____________ (2:1-5).

A. Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit so her child would be the God-man. Why, then is __________ necessary?

B. God wanted his plan to save the world to be carried out, not by a single i_________________, but by a f___________.

V Fifth, Mary teaches us that living out the Christmas story is not going to __________________ the world (2:6-7).

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