12-02-2018 Kevin Goins - O Come O Come Emmanuel

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“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” Isaiah 11:1-9

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is one of the only Advent carols we Evangelical Christians ever sing. What is the difference between an Advent carol and a Christmas carol? Christmas carols look back with joy and celebration at how the Messiah has come to this world. Advent carols look ahead with longing and pleading for the Messiah to come to this earth again. If we want to look ahead, as the early church did, and observe Advent before we celebrate Christmas, how do we do it. Isaiah tells us what we must do:

I First, we must celebrate Advent with a______________ (11:1-3).
A. Sprinkled in with Isaiah’s prophecies of judgment on Israel, there are flashes of h_______ when he describes the coming of a _____________.
B. Isaiah describes how the Spirit of God will e________ the Messiah:
1. First, he will be given the Spirit of w________ and u_______________.
2. Second, he will be given the Spirit of c__________ and of p_________.
3. Third, he will be given the Spirit of k___________ and of the f________ of the Lord.

II Second, we must celebrate Advent by l________ to the f_________ (11:4-5).
A. In the middle of verse four there is a c__________ which spans c____________.
B. The Old Testament prophets often spoke of Messiah as if his s_________ work and his work of j_____________ take place at the same time.
C. Advent is about ____ comings of Messiah, __________ ___:__-__ is about two comings of Messiah, and, if you look at O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, you can see that it too is about two comings.

III Third, we must celebrate Advent with a_____________ (11:6-9).
A. What makes us think these words are anything more than just a f__________?
1. This is not the ____ prophecy Isaiah spoke about the Messiah.
2. Part of Isaiah 11 has a________ b________ fulfilled.
B. We need to celebrate Advent with anticipation because Jesus is going to return and establish a Kingdom of ___________.

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