11-17-19 Kevin Goins - Wisdom is Fabulous! Part 3

“Wisdom is Fabulous!” (Pt 3)
Proverbs 3:27-35

People seek many things in our world today, but very few seem to be seeking wisdom. This is why the author of Proverbs wants us to know just how fabulous wisdom is.

I First, wisdom is worth the effort and we should seek it with all our heart (3:13-18).
II Second, wisdom is so good that even God uses it (3:19-20).
III Third, wisdom can guard our life (3:21-26).

IV Fourth, wisdom is d____________. Here Solomon gives us four principles that we can follow to put wisdom to _______ in our lives today:

A. Principle #1: Do ________ to people _____________ you can (3:27-28).

-But there are ______ conditions:

1. First, “do not withhold good from those who d___________ it.
2. Second, “do not withhold good when it is in your _________ to act.”

B. Principle #2: Do not b___________ the one who t_________ you (3:29-30).

1. A better translation is: “Don’t devise _________ against someone who lives in __________ with you.”
2. Not only should we be careful not to h__________ those who trust us, but we should not f___________ accuse anyone of hurting us.

C. Principle #3: Do not envy those who get what they want by unethical means (3:31-32).

1. “Don’t envy them,” Solomon says, “because even if they get what they want, they won’t k_________ it for l_______.”
2. People who cheat, steal, lie, and use violence to get what they want make God ___________.

D. Principle #4: S_______ wisdom and do not act like a __________ (3:33-35).

1. First contrast: “The Lord’s c_______ is on the house of the wicked, but he b_________ the home of the righteous” (3:33).
2. Second contrast: “He _______ proud mockers, but gives _______ to the humble” (3:34).
3. Third contrast: “The wise inherit h__________, but fools he holds up to s__________” (3:35).

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