10-27-19 Kevin Goins - Wisdom is Fabulous! part 2

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“Wisdom is Fabulous!” (Pt 2) Proverbs 3:19-26

People seek many things in our world today, but very few seem to be seeking wisdom. Perhaps this is because they are afraid wisdom might interfere with their selfish plans, or it may be because people have no idea how wonderful God’s wisdom is. In any case, the author of Proverbs wants us to know just how fabulous wisdom is.

I Wisdom is worth the e________________ and we should seek it with _______ our heart (3:13).

II Wisdom is so good that even ______ uses it (3:19-20).
A. The greatest p_________ of wisdom’s v_________ is that God himself makes use of it.
B. The understanding God used in creating the universe includes two types of k________-h_____:
1. There is the know-how that is focused on r________________.
2. There is the know-how that is needed to b_______ something.

III Wisdom can g__________ our life (3:21-26).
A. Solomon says sound judgement and discernment are so important to life that we must make sure we k_______ our e______ on them.
B. Why? Because the world has a way of h__________ them from us.
C. Wisdom can guard our life in _______ ways:
1. First, wisdom protects our s_________ (3:22)
2. Second, wisdom keeps us s________ (3:23).
3. Third, wisdom helps us s__________ (3:24)
4. Fourth, wisdom eases our s___________ (3:25).
5. Fifth, wisdom gives us s____________ (3:26).

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