10-21-18 Kevin Goins - Theology of Missions

“A Theology of Missions”

As a foundation for our Missions presentation today, the Missions Committee has asked me to give a brief theology of Missions. To do that I will ask three questions:
I First, w_____ is missions? Missions is g_______ o______ and t_________ someone about Jesus.
II Second, w____ should we do that?
A. First, we must tell people about Jesus because the ________ tells us to.
B. Second, we must tell people about Jesus because they are ________.
C. Third, we must tell people about Jesus so God will receive the __________ he deserves.
II Third, do we have the d_______ to do missions?
A. Ralph Winter says that at least ______ out of every _______non-Christians in our world have never experienced any type of Christian evangelism.
It’s because of the ______________ of our first century Christian ancestors that we are here today.

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