10-13-19 Kevin Goins - Wisdom is Fabulous!

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“Wisdom is Fabulous!” Proverbs 3:13-18

People seek many things in our world today, but very few seem to be seeking wisdom. Perhaps this is because they are afraid wisdom might interfere with their selfish plans, or it may be because people have no idea how wonderful God’s wisdom is. In any case, the author of Proverbs wants us to know just how fabulous wisdom is.

I In his introduction to wisdom, Solomon makes _______ major points.
A. First, wisdom has ___________ ____________ (3:13-18).
B. Solomon gives us ______ reasons why we should want wisdom with all our heart.

II First, wisdom is __________ the ___________ (3:13).
A. From the start we need to understand that living as a wise person requires __________________.
B. It took gut-wrenching discipline on Solomon’s part to ask for what he knew would benefit _____________, rather than ____________.

III Second, wisdom is p__________________ (3:14)
A. Silver and gold have value, but they will never earn as much in the f_______________ as wisdom will.
B. Wisdom has the potential to provide ________________the things we cannot know _____________ that we will need tomorrow.

IV Third, wisdom is greater than anything we can _______________ (3:15).

V Fourth, wisdom gives the best ______________ (3:16).
A. Wisdom knows how to use riches in an h_________________ way.
B. Wisdom can fill life, even long life, with _________________.

VI Fifth, wisdom gives real _______________ (3:17).

VII Sixth, wisdom gives _______________ life (3:18).
-Just as Solomon began by saying that wisdom is something we must seek, so he ends by telling us again that wisdom must be e_____ _____.


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