10-06-19 Kevin Goins - Free from the Curse

“Free from the Curse”  Galatians 3:13-14

There are many things the death of Jesus did for us, but there is one thing that we rarely think about and that is how the death of Jesus freed us from “the curse of the law.” But what is this curse and how have we been set free from it?

I First, ______ is the curse of the Law?

A. The Law curses us in _______ ways:

1. The Law is a curse because it gives us a cure for the problem of sin, but that cure is a _____________.

2. The Law is a curse because no matter what we do or don’t do, the Law keeps on condemning us.

B. The Law is a double curse – It offers us the ________ hope that we can please God and then it ______________ us when we fail.

II Second, _______ should Christians be concerned about the curse of the Law?

A. The curse of the Law can still _____________ us even though we are Christians.

B. Anytime our confidence in Jesus is strengthened by how we _____________, the Law still has power over us.

III Third, _________ did Jesus save us from the curse of the Law?

A. Jesus took the Law’s curse off ____ and placed it on _____________.

B. The curse of the Law is two-fold:

1. The first curse is the separation that comes when we try to create a relationship with God through p___________, rather than _______.

2. The second curse is the punishment of _________ that comes to us because we have not kept the Law.

IV Fourth, ________ ______________ does it make?

-Not only have we been saved from a curse, but to help us live a life pleasing to God we have been given the _____________ ___________.

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