10-01-17 Kevin Goins - Making the Most of God’s Word part 4

“Making the Most of God’s Word” (pt. 4) Ezra 7:10
We have seen that making the most of God’s Word requires that we work, study, and observe God’s Word in our life. Last Sunday we looked at the first two dimensions of observing God’s Word: Application and Memorization. The third component of observing God’s Word is Meditation. Today we need to answer two questions about meditating on Scripture.

I First, what is meditation?
   A. Meditation takes place when we s_____ d_______ and spend enough time with God’s Word so         that instead of t_________ about the text, we e___________ the text.
   B. Meditation is not about r_________ or s_________; it is about s__________.
       Meditating on Scripture is about w_________ it h_________ as if we were standing there; not         reading w_______, but observing l_______.
II Second, what can meditation do for us?
   A. First, meditation makes God’s Word more r______ to us, because it gives us a m______-     ________ experience.
   B. Second, meditation helps us to k______ God’s Word better, and, by knowing God’s Word better, we can g_______ in our relationship with God.
   C. Third, meditation increases the i________ of God’s t_______ in our life.
   D. Fourth, meditation gives us a sense of s________, s__________, and s____________.
   E. Fifth, meditation helps us to _______ God.
   F. Lastly, meditation makes it possible for us to interact with the Jesus who is a________ t________.

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