09-29-19 Kevin Goins - Saved Through Water

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“Saved Through Water”
1 Peter 3:18-21

We can learn by listening to words, but mental pictures can be far more enlightening. That is why the Bible not only tells us about baptism, it gives us some unforgettable pictures. Today we are looking at the picture of baptism found in the first letter of Peter.

I Most Christians consider this a ____________ text for two reasons:

A. First, it’s a difficult text because we are not sure ________ Jesus went and to _______ he preached.

1. Some believe Jesus preached to all who _______________ God before the flood and he gave them a ________ to hear the Gospel.

2. Others believe he was announcing his ___________ over sin to the spirit- beings, or angels, who had rebelled against God.

B. Second, it’s a difficult text because of Peter’s words, “this water symbolizes baptism that now _______ you also.”

1. Peter begins the passage, vs 18, talking about the __________________, and he ends the passage, vs 21, talking about the __________________.

2. Then, in the middle he talks about ___________. What does a person do at baptism? They _____________ the Gospel by acting it out.

3. So, when Peter says baptism saves, he means that what baptism r___________ – the death and resurrection of Jesus – that is what saves.

II After Peter refers to Noah, he then tells us that what happened to Noah is a __________ of baptism

A. Peter says that Noah and his family were saved, not by the ________, but by the ____________.

B. Why would Peter say that Noah and his family were saved “through water?” There are ______ reason for saying this:

1. First, Noah and his family were saved through water because the flood s____________ them from the overwhelming evil in their day.

2. Second, Noah and his family were saved through water because the very thing which brought j_____________ and d_________ to earth, brought d_______________ to them.

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