09-23-2018 Kevin Goins - 6 Steps to Peace, part 4

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“Six Steps to Peace” (Pt 4) Proverbs 3:1-12
In Proverbs 3:1-12 Solomon tells us about the six dimensions of life for which God has a special and unique kind of peace for us. Verses 1-2 focused our attention on Spiritual Shalom, or peace with God. Verses 3-4 focused on Community Shalom, or peace with people. Today we look at verses 5-6 which focus on decision-making shalom.

I The reason we need decision-making shalom is because we have so many c___________.
A. Choice can be great, but only if we know how to choose w_____.
B. God, Solomon says, has a special kind of peace for the d_________-m________ dimension of our life.

II This shalom is unique because Solomon gives us o_____-and-a-h______ verses for the command and only a h______ verse for the promise.
A. Yashar means either to b_____ straight or to m________ straight.
B. Yashar means not only straight or right, but it also means s__________ or p___________.
C. Throughout the Bible there is a connection between doing what is r_______, as God defines it, and having a s____________ life.

III Verse 6b is a stellar promise, but how do we make it w_______ for us? That brings us to the command, and the command consists of ______ parts:
A. First, t_________ in the Lord with all your h_________.
B. Second, l_____ not on your own u______________.
C. Third, in all your w_____ a_____________ him.
1. First, to acknowledge means to be aware of what it is the Lord e__________ of ____.
2. Second, it means to have a d_________ to do what I know he expects of me.
3. To acknowledge him in all our ways means to p__________ the p__________ of Christ.
4. If we are not willing to do that in all the s________ decisions of life, we will not be able to do it when it comes to the m_________ decisions of life.

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