09-22-19 - Kevin Goins - My Grandpa Was a Baptist Preacher, part 2

“My Grandpa Was a Baptist Preacher!” John 8:37-59

What is it that people who do not have Jesus in their life depend on to make themselves feel secure about Judgment Day? One of the things people lean on is their pride in their godly ancestors. In our text today
Jesus lets us know that our forbearers, as wonderful as they may have been, cannot save us from the consequences of our sin.

I Jesus says that actions speak louder than our family tree (8:37-38).
II Jesus says we all have an ancestor in our family line we would rather ignore (8:39-41).

III There is a spiritual ______ test which can determine whether we are truly children of God (8:42-59)
A. There is the l_______ test (8:42).
B. There is the b__________ test – Can we ______ God speak to us through his Word? (8:43, 47).
C. There is the t________ test (8:44-47).
1. Whatever language we learn first becomes f__________ to us.
2. When we are born the language of s________ l______ is our native and natural language.
3. When we experience new birth by trusting Jesus, we can then begin to speak and comprehend the language of s_________ t_______.
4. Those without the ________ of _______ in them cannot grasp or recognize spiritual truth.
D. Lastly, there is the J_________ test (8:48-59).
1. Stoning was the penalty for b__________, which means the religious officials understood Jesus was claiming to be _____ in the _______.
2. The Pharisees allowed what o___________ them about Jesus to blind them to who he really was, and the same thing happens today.
3. If you are a real child of God then you ______ Jesus for _____ he is.

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