09-16-2018 Kevin Goins - 6 Steps to Peace, part 3

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“Six Steps to Peace” (Pt 3) Proverbs 3:1-12
In Proverbs 3:1-12 Solomon tells us about the six dimensions of life for which God has a special and unique kind of peace for us. Today we look at the

I Verses 1 and 2 focus on spiritual shalom.
II Verses 3 and 4 focus on another kind of peace God has for us: c______________ shalom, or peace with other p___________.

A. Words like “love,” “faithfulness,” “heart,” “favor,” and “a good name” all make it clear we are talking about _______________.
1. We did not c_______ community, God did, and he created us to n________ community.
2. So, we need peace in our community relationships, but we cannot have community w__________ God.

B. First, we need to look at the c____________ in verse 3.
1. When it comes to community, whether love, marriage, family, or friends, all we can control is _____ response to others.
2. We will do just about anything to make people w_____ to be in relationship with us or to s______ in relationship with us.

C. We cannot find peace by making people love us and remain faithful to us, but there is something we can do: we can ______ and we can be _____________.
1. We cannot love and be faithful to anyone simply by w________ ____.
2. Only ______can love and be faithful to others, but he is willing to do that through us, if we ______ ourselves completely to him.

D. As with the first command of verse 1, so also with the command of verse 3 there is a __________ for those who _________.
1. The promise consists of ____ parts:
a. First, f_________.
b. Second, a g_______ n_______.
2. The promise for obeying the command of verse 3 is peace in our c___________ of r_____________.

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