09-04-16 Cross Cultural Ministry John 4:11-22

Posted in sermon, Gospel of John, First Alliance Church Atlanta, Christianity, Cross Cultural by facatl on September 6th, 2016
“Cross-Cultural Ministry” (Pt. 2)
John 4:11-20
In his encounter with the Samaritan woman Jesus illustrates for us how we can have a ministry which crosses social and cultural boundaries.  Today we see Jesus demonstrate two more principles which can assist us in Cross-Cultural Ministry.       

IV God uses our a________ to p__________ the essentials so we can cross cultural boundaries in ministry. (4:11-15)

V God uses our willingness to c___________ the issues of the h________ to enable us to cross cultural boundaries in ministry (4:16-20).  
-If you want to condemn this woman you can find good reasons for doing so, but there are three better reasons for not condemning her:
1. First, we don’t know her h____________.
2. Second, in condemning her we condemn _________________.
3. Third, __________ did not condemn her.
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