09-02-2018 Kevin Goins - 6 Steps to Peace, part 2

“Six Steps to Peace” (PT 2)
Proverbs 3:1-12

Our text today gives us six specific steps to how we can experience deep and comprehensive peace. Today we are looking at the first step.

I The six dimensions of shalom
A. First, there is community shalom.
B. Second, there is mental shalom.
C. Third, there is bodily shalom.
D. Fourth, there is financial shalom.
E. Fifth, there is disciplinary shalom.
F. Sixth, there is spiritual shalom.

II Of the six dimensions of shalom, Solomon begins first with ____________ shalom.

A. How do we get spiritual shalom? (3:1)
1. The first thing Solomon focuses on is r______________.
2. The second thing Solomon focuses on is t_________ and c_____________.
3. Solomon’s third emphasis: God’s Word must be i________________.

B. If we obey verse one, there is a p___________ (3:2). But there are those who d________ that obeying God’s Word prolongs life.
1. First, it makes sense from a r____________ point of view.
2. Second, it makes sense from a t____________ point of view.
3. It makes sense when you consider the a____________.

C. Many reject these verses because they deny u___________ and a_____________ truth.

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