09-01-19 Kevin Goins - Celebrating Work

“Celebrating work?” Genesis chapters one and two

If you want to know the Bible’s position on work, all you have to do is to open the very first page. But what does the Bible tell us about work that will help us have a greater appreciation for the labor we do?

I It tells us that work is a _______ thing – work belongs to the very n__________ and c______________ of God.
A. The most basic definition of work is to __________ something, and the first verse of the Bible says that God ___________, he brought into existence, this world.
B. When we see ______ God created, we see how much our work is ________ his work.
C. Every good and honest job today finds its b__________ in the work of God.

II This text tells us that God wants us to _______ him in doing work.
A. B_________ sin invaded human life, God gave Adam and Eve work to do.
B. Work wasn’t the result of sin; work was God’s p__________ plan for the human race.
C. Some have the idea that heaven will be the kind of paradise where no one works, but a paradise without work w_______ n_____ be paradise.
D. Since work belongs to the nature and character of God, and since hell is devoid of God’s character, then hell must be a place ___________ work.

III This text tells us that God does not take work to an u______ e_______.
A. God worked six days and then he rested, and that is the p________ that we are to follow.
B. We must balance work and _________; we must balance work and ________; we must balance work and ___________.

IV This text tells us that work can bring us the a___________ of God (Genesis 1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31).

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