08-26-18 Kevin Goins - 6 Steps to Peace

“Six Steps to Peace” Proverbs 3:1-12 (Pt 1)

Our text today gives us six specific steps to how we can experience deep and comprehensive peace. First, however, we need to figure out what peace actually is. That is what our text is about.

I Let’s begin with what peace is not: Shalom is not simply the
absence of w______ and c____________.
A. First and foremost, shalom means w___________ or c______________.
B. Let’s look at the parts of a whole human life, and in doing that we will get a b__________ definition of peace.

II First, there is c____________ shalom, or peace between p_________.
A. The Old Testament is filled with examples of people making t_________ and c___________ with each other.
B. For both the Old and New Testaments community peace means far more than peace between n_________.

III Second, there is m_________ shalom or peace.

IV Third, there is b_________ shalom or peace – the peace that gives health to our b_______.
A. In the Old Testament there are many examples of God giving peace to people by h__________ them.
B. In the New Testament Jesus sees his miracles of healing as a sign that the ________ ___ ______ is bringing peace to the world.

V Fourth, there is f____________ shalom or peace.
A. You might think this shalom gets the __________ emphasis in the Bible, but if you think that, you are _________.
B. God wants us to have the shalom of p_________, but be careful how you define that word!

VI Fifth, there is d____________ shalom or peace.

VII Sixth, there is s__________ shalom or peace.

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