08-25-19 Kevin Goins - The Truth About the Truth that sets us free, conclusion

“The Truth about the Truth that Sets us Free” (Conclusion)  John 8:30-36

John 8:32 has been used by all sorts of people to promote all sorts of ideas. But a biblical text cannot mean whatever we want it to mean. What is the truth about the truth that sets us free?

I First, the truth that sets us free isn’t only for the believer. In fact, it’s actually directed at the non-believer (8:30).
II Second, there is a truth that can set us free (8:31a).
III Third, to be set free by the truth, we must use our head (8:32).
IV Fourth, the truth is a person (8:31-32).

V Fifth, being set free by the truth can be ______________ to people (8:33).

A. When Jesus says he has a truth that can set them free, they get offended, for _____ reasons:

1. First, it offends their __________ pride.

2. Second, it offends their ____________ pride.

B. They were offended by something Jesus said and so they refused to __________ in him.

VI Sixth, the freedom which the truth brings is freedom from the _________ of ______ (8:34).

A. In verse 34, for the twelfth time in John, Jesus begins a statement with “________, ________.”

B. The truth Jesus is stressing is that ____ makes us ________.

C. Sin is not simply an ______, sin is a ________.

D. Sin is a power which stirs up the desire to find pleasure ___________ God.


VII Seventh, the only truth-teacher who can set us free is the ______ (8:35-36)
A. In the ancient world families consisted of two kinds of people: _______ and __________, with all the rights of family members, and _________, who had no permanent place in the family.

B. It was a tradition in Roman households in biblical times for the _______-______ son, when he became a man, to release all the slaves he had grown up with.

VIII Jesus is the one who gives us freedom, but there is something we need to _________ this freedom.

A. First, to be free you need d___________.

B. Second, to be free you need a__________.

C. Third, to be free you need o_____________.

D. Fourth, to be free you must have a h________ e_________.

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