08-22-21 Kevin Goins - Managing Sexual Desire part 2

“Managing Sexual Desire” (part 2) 
Proverbs 5:3-4 
Some people have the idea that Christians never discuss sex, or, if they do, this discussion must take place behind locked doors.  If that is true, then it is a shame that no one communicated this rule to the authors of the Bible.  God created sex, and in his creation mandate he made sure that the human race can only flourish if sex flourishes.  Since God obviously finds great value in human sexuality, we need to make sure we see our sex life from his perspective.  This is especially true when it comes to how we manage our God-given sexual desire.                                           
I It may be helpful to start off with an outline of chapter 5, so we have an idea where Solomon is going:

 A. First, verses 3-6 focus on ______________ we should say “No” to sexual temptation. 

B. Second, verses 7-14 tell us ___________ we can say “No” to sexual temptation.

C. Third, verses 15-20 continue Solomon’s advice about how to say “NO” to sexual temptation, but from a very d_______________ point of view.

D. Finally, verses 21-23 answer the question about why we should say “No” to sexual sin, but this time from _____________ perspective.

II Why should I manage my sexual desires?  Because listening to sweet words of sexual temptation can result in a very _________________ life (5:3-4).

A. First, there is an issue we must deal with, and that is how many _____________________ see Proverbs chapter 5.

1. Many see in this chapter a patriarchal view of sex in which ______________ are always the victims and __________________ the victimizers.

2. But to see Proverbs in a more accurate way, we need to recognize these four points:

a. First, this book was written, not just for _______________, but for ______________________ as well.

b. Second, Solomon is writing about a sexual predator who was a woman, but that does not mean that in his mind o____________ women can be sexual predators.

c. Third, there is no doubt that the woman depicted in Proverbs 5 is an example of folly or foolishness, but Proverbs also depicts ___________ as a woman.

d. Fourth, there is a simple reason why Solomon talks about the adulteress (female) in chapter 5, and it is because Solomon’s concern is for his ______________. 

B. What is wrong with this woman Solomon describes in verses 3-4?

 1. First, __________ is she?

  a. The Hebrew text calls her “the _________________ woman.”

  b. She is strange for two reasons:

   1. First, she does not live by the ____________ standards of Israel.

2. Second, she is strange because she is not a female r____________ of Solomon’s son.

c. The really strange woman was the a____________________ or prostitute.

d. There is something else about who she is:  she may or may not be beautiful, but she does not ____________________ on her beauty to get what she wants.

2. Second, ______________ does she do?

a. The Jewish Old Testament scholar Michael Fox says that l___________ are the problem here, and l____________ are the only solution.

b. The strange woman uses her lips to f_______________ and manipulate the young man, hoping to persuade him to commit adultery.

c. The only way the son will escape her trap is if he uses his lips to counter her deceptive words with words of d____________________________.

d. The strange woman, or man, was an exception in Solomon’s day, but today he or she has become the n_________________. 

3. Third, to what do her actions _________________?

a. When the young man does what the strange woman wants, the result is the complete _________________________ of his life.

b. Solomon’s point is that though this woman pours out honey with her lips, inside she is nothing but ______________________.

c. The woman’s temptation -- if the son yields to it -- will result in some kind of ______________________.

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