08-09-20 Kevin Goins - The Church’s Ministry of Healing - John 9 Conclusion

“Anatomy of an Illness: The Church’s Ministry of Healing” (Conclusion) 
John 9:30-41-23 

I First, sickness gets our attention and it gets the attention of Jesus (9:1).
II Second, sickness makes us uncomfortable (9:2).
III Third, sickness is caused by alienation (9:2).
IV Fourth, oftentimes our best theological or commonsense explanations for sickness are not good enough (9:3a).
V Fifth, sometimes sickness happens for a good reason, so that God can be glorified in our life (9:3b).
VI Sixth, all believers in Jesus are called to help sick people find health (9:4).
VII Seventh, sickness is a work of the kingdom of darkness; healing is a work of the Kingdom of light (9:5).
VIII Eighth, the how of healing is very important (9:6).
IX Ninth, sickness can be overcome by divine healing, but healing does not happen without some action on our part (9:7).
X Tenth, divine healing will always arouse doubt (9:8-9).
XI Eleventh, the response to the healing of sickness is often questions (9:10-12)
XII Twelfth, healing is not only a debated topic, it is also a very divisive issue.
XIII Thirteenth, people who are healed enter into some kind of relationship with the Healer.
XIV Fourteenth, both sickness and healing take place within the context of family.
XV Fifteenth, every testimony of the healing power of Jesus is unique.

XVI Sixteenth, the healing ministry of Jesus shows that he stands at the very _____________ of life.

A. First, Jesus stands at the center of life because he can do for us what no one ever thought _________________ (9:30-33).

1. First, he shows how r______________ was their claim that they didn’t know where Jesus was from.

2. Second, he says (9:31) “We know that God doesn’t listen to __________________.  He listens to the ____________ man that does his will.”

3. Third.  He reminds the Pharisees that this wasn’t just any miracle.  It was a miracle of the _______________ order.  (9:32) “____________ has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind.  If this man were not from God, he could do _________________.”

B. Second, Jesus stands at the center of life because only he can call people to a t____________________ life (9:34-38).

1.  Being born blind is not why the Pharisees call this man a sinner.  They call him a sinner because they are reasoning b__________________.

a. First, he dared to disagree with them, the r______________ l_____________ of Israel, and only a sinful man, they believed, would do that.

b. Second, they see that he f_____________ Jesus and they see Jesus as a sinner, so anyone who follows a sinner must be a sinner.

2. We would expect Jesus to say. “Here I am; I am Jesus who healed you,” but he d________________ himself from the healing and starts to talk about the Son of Man.

3. By saying, “Who is he?” the man makes it clear he wants a personal f________ to f_________ encounter with the Son of Man.

C. Lastly, Jesus stands at the center of life because only he determines whether people _________ or whether they are ______________ (9:39-41).

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