08-08-21 Kevin Goins - 4 Keys to Managing Sexual Desire

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“Four Keys to Managing Sexual Desire” 
Proverbs 5:1-2 
Some people have the idea that Christians never discuss sex, or, if they do, this discussion must take place behind locked doors.  If that is true, then it is a shame that no one communicated this principle to the authors of the Bible.  God created sex, and in his creation mandate he made sure that the human race can only flourish if sex flourishes.  Since God obviously finds great value in human sexuality, we need to make sure we see our sex life from his perspective.  This is especially true when it comes to how we manage our God-given sexual desire.                                           
I Not only is Proverbs chapter five focused on the subject of sex, but so also are the following ___________ chapters.

 A. That is really not surprising, for two reasons:

1. Solomon knew from experience how the inability to manage one’s sexual desires could cause __________________.

2. It is not surprising that Solomon devotes so much attention to sexual desire because he is writing to his y___________________ s______________.

B. So, what is Solomon doing in chapter five?  He is trying to teach his son how to m______________ his sexual desire.

  -Solomon makes _____________ points in these two verses:

II First, we will never manage our sexual desires unless we are willing to __________________ to wisdom (5:1a).

A. What is unique about verse one is that Solomon is saying, “Of all the wisdom which God has given to me to give to you, this is a wisdom that I have seen p________________ true in my own life and experience.” 

B. In other words, Solomon is not speaking t______________________________ here.

c. Every parent’s desire is that our children learn from our mistakes rather than r____________________________ them.

II Second, we will never manage our sexual desires unless we are willing to take r____________________________________________ (5:1b).

A. The point is:  there is a time in life when it is appropriate to think about pursuing an intimate relationship, and there is a time when it is not appropriate, and both the _______________ and ________________ are agreed on this.

B. According to the WHO, each year around the world 770,000 adolescent girls under the age of ___________ get pregnant.

C. Solomon is c__________________ his son to realize the awesome responsibilities that come with sex.

III Third, we will never manage our sexual desires unless we learn to practice d_________________________________ (5:2a).

A. Solomon is asking his son to listen to his teaching so he can develop the ability to make g__________ j______________________ about relationships.

B. Discretion weighs the pros and cons, both in the p___________________ sphere of life and in the m____________________ sphere of life.

C. Discretion means not behaving like an animal with nothing but i___________________ and u______________________ to guide us.

IV Fourth, we will never manage our sexual desires unless we learn how to manage our s_______________________________ (5:2b).

 A. Illicit sexual encounters do not happen without ____________________.

B. The generation that is a________________ or a__________________ to talk about sex is, in some measure, responsible for the sexual immorality of the next generation.

C. According to a 2019 survey done by the Institute for Family Studies, among male and female never-married Evangelicals between the ages of 18 and 22, _________% have engaged in sexual intercourse. 

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