07-21-19 - Kevin Goins - Confrontation, conclusion

“Confrontation!” (Conclusion)  John 8:13-20

Thus far in our study of confrontation in John 8 we have seen five principles which can guide us when we need to confront someone. Today we look at the last two principles.

I The first principle is this: Confrontation should only take place when there is a real reason for it (8:13).
II The second principle: Confrontation must overcome ignorance (8:14).
III The third principle: Confrontation must make the truth known w/o condemnation (8:15).
IV The fourth principle: Confrontation must never exclude God or God’s Word (8:16).
V The fifth principle: Confrontation, if at all possible, should not be done alone (8:17-18).

VI The sixth principle: Confrontation should be _______ focused on the _______ issue (8:19).

A. The Pharisees think when Jesus says, “my Father” he means his _________ father.

B. For Jesus it is not just about God as an ______ or ____________. For Jesus the issue is this: Do you know God as your __________?

C. We should not confront for ___________ issues and we should not confront for ___________ issues.

D. Confrontation has one primary purpose: to __________ _______________.

VII The final principle: The ________ of confrontation is always in _____ hands (8:20).

A. Think what Jesus was _________ by confronting the Pharisees.

1. He knew they would not ________.
2. He knew they wanted to _______ him.

B. When we confront, we have no idea whether the person we confront will _________ and see the truth, or _________ their eyes.

VIII Let’s think back to that story we started writing in the beginning of the message.

A. There are times in our lives when we are a J_______ - there is someone we love who needs to be confronted.

B. There are times in our lives when we are J_______ - we need to be confronted.

C. How we respond, as a Jack or as a Jill, will determine whether we, or the ones we love, experience life as v_______ or d_________.

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