07-14-19 - Kevin Goins - Confrontation, part 3

“Confrontation!” (pt. 3) John 8:13-20

In our return to the Gospel of John we have been asking the question, “Who is Jesus?” John 8:12 says he is the light of the world. Today we see that Jesus is one who is not afraid to confront. In our text we find seven principles that can guide us when we need to confront:

I Confrontation should only take place when there is a real reason for it.
II Confrontation must overcome ignorance
III Confrontation must make the truth known without condemnation.

IV Confrontation must never exclude ______ or _______ ________ (8:16).
A. Sometimes we get upset about things that are only matters of ____________, but we still try to confront.
1. When we try to make a matter of personal taste a __________ issue, we get into __________.
When we act like a biblical issue is ______ a matter of personal taste, we get into _______ trouble.
B. We have a problem today because there are _____ supposed authorities which have taken the authority that belongs to ______.
1. First, there is __________ authority.
2. Second, there is ____________ authority.

V Confrontation, if at all possible, should not be done ________ (8:17-18).
A. Jesus says, “In fact, I am not alone. There are ______ who support my statement that I am the light of the world.”
1. One is _____.
2. The other witness is the ________ who _____ me.
B. A Qal Wahomer argument is an argument from the ________ to the __________.
C. Why should we not confront alone?
1. First, it is better for the one who is _______ confronted.
2. Second, it is better for the one who __________.

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