07-09-17 Kevin Goins - Discipline of Thankfulness part 2

The Spiritual Discipline of Thankfulness” (Conclusion) Luke 17:11-19

Thankfulness is one of the most well-known of the spiritual disciplines, but that does not mean that it is one of the most commonly practiced.  As our text today demonstrates, it is the nature of the majority of people who are blessed by God to take his blessing without giving thanks.  What does this text teach us about the discipline of thankfulness? 

I First, we learn that we ought to focus our thankfulness on the Lord Jesus (17:11-13).

II Second, the energizing power of thankfulness is faith (7:14-15).

III Third, the reason for our thankfulness is God’s grace (7:16).

IV Fourth, the absence of thankfulness is _______ (7:17).

-Four reasons why ingratitude is ______:

  1. Ingratitude is sin because not being thankful is an act of _______________.
  2. Ingratitude is sin because it d____________ God of what he is d_____.
  3. Ingratitude is sin because it is bad for _____.
  4. Ingratitude is sin because it hurts ________.

V Fifth, the presence of thankfulness is a sign of s___________ t______________(17:19).

VI Finally, evidence of thankfulness is never just _________, but ___________ (17:18).



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