07-08-18 Kevin Goins - 4 Things Our Children Must Know, Pt. 2

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“Four Things Our Children Must Know” (Pt 2)   Proverbs 2:12-15

If you had to select the four most important things children must know in order to survive and thrive, what would they be? Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, wrote Proverbs chapter two for his son, and in this chapter he tells us four things which our children need to know. Today we look at the third.

I Our children should know how to get wisdom (2:1-4).
II Our children should know the benefits of having wisdom (2:5-8).

III Our children should know the danger of being influenced by b____ m_____ (2:12-15).
-Solomon makes four statements which tell us why these men are bad:

A. They are bad because they speak p___________ w_______ (2:12).

The Hebrew word tahpukah literally means “to t______ o______” or “to be u___________ d________.”

The problem with bad men who speak perverse words, Solomon says, is that they can i__________ many.

They are bad because they reject God’s w_____ in order to walk in d___________ (2:13).

1. In the Bible the r_____ walk is the s_________ walk.

2. The perverse choose to r________ what they l_________ about God.

They are bad because they e________ e_______ (2:14).

1. You cannot find d__________ in doing wrong unless there is something within you that can j________ doing wrong.

2. It is only evil within us that allows us to justify wrongdoing, but it is the nature of evil to d_______ its own e___________.

D. They are bad because they seek to d__________ (2:15).

IV There are bad people in our world - even secular psychiatrists and scholars admit it – but what is amazing is how often ____ _________ fall for them.

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