07-07-19 - Kevin Goins - Confrontation, part 2

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“Confrontation!” (pt. 2) John 8:13-20

In our return to the Gospel of John we have been asking the question, “Who is Jesus?” John 8:12 says he is the light of the world. Today we see that Jesus is one who is not afraid to confront. In our text we find seven principles that can guide us when we need to confront:

I The first principle is this: Confrontation should only take place when there is a real reason for it.

II The second principle: Confrontation must overcome ______________.
A. Jesus says, “Even if you ignore all my witnesses you should believe me because of where I am ______ and where I am ________.
1. Where is he from? He is from _____.
2. Where is he going? He is going to _______.
The Pharisees should have recognized where Jesus was from and where he was going, but they didn’t, because they chose to be ____________.
C. People who need to be confronted are people who have been
deceived, either by __________ or by the _________ around them.
D. Ignorance makes confrontation necessary, but we must ________ the ignorant.

III The third principle: Confrontation must make the truth known without ______________.
A. Jesus could judge perfectly, and that is what makes the following statement so ___________ - He says, “I pass judgment on ____ _____.”
B. Only when he _______ from the Father, and the Father _________ his judgment, only then does Jesus judge.
C. We humans can’t listen to people who condemn us – Our emotional s_______- p____________ instinct won’t let us.

IV One of the most common ways we condemn people today is by using __________.
-This is how condemnation works: We condemn people in our ________, then we ____________ them by giving them a label, and then we feel free to ______ them.

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