06-30-19 - Kevin Goins - Confrontation

“Confrontation!” John 8:13-20

In our return to the Gospel of John we have been asking the question, “Who is Jesus?” Last Sunday we saw that he is the light of the world. Today we see that Jesus is one who is not afraid to confront. In our text we find seven principles that can guide us when we need to confront:

I The first principle is this: Confrontation should only take place when there is a r________ r__________ for it.
A. Some believe they have been given the ministry of a____________.
B. Confrontation is a legitimate tool to rescue people from self-deception, but confrontation must not be entered into q_______ly or l________ly.

II What made this confrontation necessary?
A. The Pharisees denied the _________ of what Jesus had just said.
1. They did not deny what he said on the basis of the _________.
2. They denied what he said on the basis of an obscure _________ principle.
B. The Pharisees were not only using an obscure legal principle to discredit Jesus, but they m_____________ it.
C. The Pharisees were not only accusing Jesus of lying about himself, they were also trying to _________ _____.
D. Jesus had already d_______ with their objection and had answered it c__________.
1. Beginning with John 5:32, Jesus lists five witnesses who can give evidence that he speaks the truth: John the Baptist, _____ the _______, the work that Jesus is doing, _______, and the ___________.
2. The fact that the Pharisees bring up this issue of witnesses after Jesus had already dealt with it shows that the Pharisees were not only blind, they were ___________ blind.

III The issue is: should ___ ever do what Jesus does here?

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