06-17-18 Kevin Goins - Something Every Father Must Teach His Children

“Something Every Father Must Teach His Children”
Genesis 47:29-48:16

We know that every Father, along with every mother, ought to teach his and her children how to live. But there is something else we Father’s need to do: we need to teach our children how to die. But how do we prepare our children for death?

I The first way we prepare our children for death is to be always reminding them w________ we are g_______ (47:29-30).
A. At the end of his life Jacob was trying to point his family to their r________ destination.
B. But the problem is, we get so c_____________ here that we begin to act like this is _____ there is.

II Second, we prepare our children for death by reminding them where we h_____ b _______ (48:1-4).
A. Jacob talked about his p______ in order to inspire his children and grandchildren about their f_________.
B. We teach our children that they can rely on God’s promises by telling them how ____ have s______ those promises come true.

III Third, we prepare our children for death by c_________ them for the Kingdom of God (48:5-6).
A. There are two members of Jacob’s n_________ family who are not yet a part of his s_________ family.
B. Jacob called Ephraim and Manasseh to leave behind the p____________ and p_____________ of Egypt.

IV Fourth, we prepare our children for death by b________ them with an everlasting b___________ (48:8-16).
A. First, there is m___________ t________.
B. Second, there is a spoken message of h_______ v________.
C. Third, this blessing should include a message about the s_________ f________ God has for the one being blessed.

V When should we fathers start to do all these things? _________ _____!

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