06-06-21 Kevin Goins - The True Shepherd

“Who’s Who in the Drama of Salvation:  The True Shepherd”
John 10:1-5 
Last Sunday we looked at the false or unworthy shepherds.  Today we focus our attention on the one Jesus says is the true shepherd.                                    
I First, the true shepherd enters the sheep pen in the _____________ way (10:1-2).

A. What does it mean that Jesus is the true shepherd who deserves to have access to the sheep?  It means he is not a f___________ shepherd or a p_____________ Messiah.

B. Who, then, is the true shepherd Messiah?  Jesus says it is the one who enters through the g________________ rather than climb in some other way.

C. The Old Testament prophets have given lots of c________________ about the identity of the Messiah.

D. There were more than _________________ specific prophecies about the coming of the Messiah and Jesus f________________________________ every one of them.

II Second, the true shepherd calls his sheep ____ _______________ (10:3)

 A. There are two things about this that are very important:

  1. First, Jesus knows our name even when ____ ________ else knows it.

-Jesus is the shepherd who remembers us even when our own l___________ o___________ have forgotten us.

2. The second thing that is important is that Jesus says, “He calls his own sheep by name and _____________ them _________.”

 -Jesus says he calls us by name so that we will get up and f_________________ him.

B. How many times have we heard him call o_______ name and how many times have we r____________________ to respond?

III Third, the true shepherd l____________________ his sheep (10:4).

 A. Notice the sequence:  First he b_____________ o__________ his sheep.

B. Second, he g_________ a____________ of them.

 -Since Jesus is going before us that means everything that happens to us he has already e_____________________________.

C. Third, the sheep follow because they know his v____________________.

IV Finally, the true shepherd has sheep who are l____________________ (10:5). 

A. Stranger is the Greek word allotrios which means “belonging to a_________________”.

 -To follow a shepherd who does not belong to God is to follow someone whose motivations and desires are not g____________, and that is dangerous.

B.  Sometimes, however, we are d______________________, but the true shepherd’s sheep are never p_______________________ deceived.

C. The only way to hear the shepherd and to be loyal to him is to c___________________ every voice we hear with the voice of God’s Word.

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