04-28-19 Kevin Goins - Why be baptized?

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Today we have the pleasure of baptizing two believers in Jesus and we want to consider the question of why they have made this choice. But instead of asking why for the purpose of determining the cause of their decision, we want to ask why as a means of opening up a window into what the Christian life is really about. Why do we get baptized?

I First, we get baptized because the church has been ______________ by Jesus to baptize those who become his followers

A. But not only did Jesus give us a command, he also gave us an ____________.

B. It is hard to be f_________ with someone if we don’t do any of the same things – friends have a__________ in common.

C. We get baptized, not just to obey Jesus, as important as that is, but we get baptized because it helps us to i__________ with Jesus.

II Second, we get baptized to l______ u____ the name of Jesus.

-You cannot be baptized without d________ a___________ to Jesus.

III Third, we get baptized as a way of saying that Jesus has w______ a_______ our guilt and shame.

A. The word baptize means to i__________ in water, or to _________.

B. The Bible says in ___________ __:___ that “The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanses us from all sin.”

IV Lastly, we get baptized as a way of publicly professing that we are not ____________ of Jesus.

A. Baptism has always been a ___________ act; there is no account of __________ baptism in the Bible.

B. When we are not ashamed of Jesus, other people __________.

C. Baptism is hard, but it is probably the ________ opportunity we will ever have to be a witness for Jesus.

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