04-18-21 Kevin Goins - Life in a Resurrected Body, part 2

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“Life in a Resurrection Body” (pt. 2)
Luke 24:13-32 
While Christians believe that Jesus defeated death by rising bodily from the grave, many today do not envision bodily resurrection as the high point of life after death for them.  Though the New Testament recognizes the reality of spiritual resurrection in the interim period before the return of Christ, it attaches far more importance to bodily resurrection.  What will life be like in our resurrected body?                          

I First, life in our resurrection body will be about seeing and loving each other for who we are on the i_____________________.

II Second, our resurrection body will be marked by a kind of ____________________ which will set it apart from our old natural body (24:13-24).

A. In Luke 24:13-32 we are told about something that happened on Resurrection Sunday, but l______________ in the day.

B. When Luke says, “They were kept from recognizing him,” it must have been the glory of his resurrection body which made him seem d_________________________.

C. Paul tells us what is different about the resurrection body in 1 Corinthians ______:______ and following.

D. The new thing that God will do at the resurrection of believers is to create a new amalgam (m_____________________) of spirit and physical body.  

III Third, our resurrection body will hold onto our knowledge of God’s ___________ and the knowledge of our c___________________ (24:25-27).

A. Some think that since Jesus was God, he never needed to l_______________ Scripture, or anything else for that matter.  There are three problems with this idea:

1. If Jesus never had to learn anything, then Jesus was not human, because it is the n______________ of humans to learn.

2. If Jesus never had to learn anything, then he cannot s__________________ with our weaknesses as Hebrews 4:15 says he does.

3. The ____________ says that Jesus did learn.

B. Not only did Jesus still recall all his knowledge of the Bible, he was still being driven by the __________________________ given him by God.

C. One of the reasons people are bored with the idea of eternal life is because they believe it will be a life of i____________________________.

D. We human beings are meant to _____________ and to fulfill a mission, and so the resurrected Jesus used his knowledge to accomplish his mission.

  -and there is no reason why that should not be true of _______________.

IV Lastly, our resurrection body will be devoted to pursuing r__________________________ and to practicing h____________________________ (24:28-32).

A. What does it mean when Luke says, “Jesus acted as if he were going farther?”  

Jesus, though resurrected, still has the very great desire to be i_______________ into the lives of people.

B. As resurrected people we are going to have a_________ the desire for personal connection we have had in the past – in fact, m_______________.

C. And this relationship which the resurrected Jesus seeks includes h_________________________.

D. If we are not good at g____________ and r__________________ hospitality now, we should practice in order to prepare for eternity.   

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