04-15-18 Kevin Goins Understanding the Crazy Crowd

“Understanding the Crazy Crowd”  John 6:22-32

It is often difficult for Christians to understand the crowd that surrounds us as we go about our daily lives. On the one hand, the crowd seems to be getting less religious, but, on the other hand, there is evidence that the crowd is getting more religious, though not according to the way that word used to be understood. But as hard as it is to understand the crowd today, it was just as unfathomable in Jesus’ day. Nevertheless, Jesus understood the crowd and in our text this morning he gives us insight which helps us understand our crowd. What does Jesus teach us about the crowd?

I First, not everyone in the crowd is on the s_______ s______ (6:22-24).

A. So, we have two groups: Jesus, with his own s______ crowd of twelve disciples, and the h______ crowd which had been fed by Jesus.

B. Crowds today are not only separated spiritually, we are p_________ in other ways as well.

II Second, not everyone is even a_______ the right q____________ (6:25).
-If the crowd had asked the right question, it could have r________ c_________ the way they looked at Jesus.

III Third, not everyone w________ the same thing (6:26-27).

IV Fourth, not everyone is willing to b_______ the t_______ when they encounter it (6:28-31).

V Fifth, not everyone wants a p__________ S__________ (6:32).

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