04-01-18 Kevin Goins - A Basic Guide To Easter

“A Basic Guide to Easter”

I “Easter,” bunnies, eggs, and candy

A. The word Easter comes from Astra or Ostara who was the goddess of the d_________.

-But Christians do not worship the dawn and so there is a much better name for our holiday: R____________ S___________.

B. Bunnies and eggs belong to the s___________ celebration of Easter.

C. Candy is _______ because Resurrection Sunday is a f_______ d_______ and feasting means f_______.

II What is this day really all about? It all comes down to four words:

A. The first word is _______ and there are two things about _______ we must understand:

1. God e_______; God is r______.

2. God is __________ in every way.

B. The second word is ___________. The problem is that while God cannot shut his eyes to wrong, we have ____ done wrong.

C. The third word is __________. Jesus died for us, which means two things:

1. God is not o___________ our suffering.

2. God, in Jesus, has already endured the punishment that all our wrongs deserve and, because he has done that, he can grant f___________ to all who ask.

D. The last word is ________.

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