03-25-18 Dunked on Palm Sunday

“Dunked on Palm Sunday!”   Luke 19:35-40

Today is Palm Sunday, but it is also the day for several believers in Jesus to obey the Lord by being baptized. So, should we talk about Palm Sunday and the triumphal entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem? Or, should we talk about baptism and what being baptized means for believers in Jesus? Why not do both? This is really not as strange as it sounds because Palm Sunday and baptism actually have a lot in common:

I First, both Palm Sunday and baptism involve people who b__________ in ________.

A. At the triumphal entry no one had to m________ up; no one had to meet any q_____________.

B. “In Acts no one who decided to follow Jesus a___ or s_______ before being baptized.”

C. The Bible says we can never measure up; we can never p_______ we are w________ of being baptized, because baptism is not for worthy people.

II Second, both Palm Sunday and baptism attract people who claim that Jesus is the ________ of their l______.

A. When you take off your j______ and place it on a dirty road so someone can walk on it without getting their shoes dirty, you are saying that that person means e________ to you.

B. The disciples of Jesus took off their c_________ and made out of them a s_________ for Jesus to ride on.

III Third, both Palm Sunday and baptism can stir up c____________.

IV Lastly, both Palm Sunday and baptism are meant for c____________ v____________.


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