03-11-18 The Terrible Problem that No One Has

“The Terrible Problem That No One Has”  Proverbs 1:8-19

Surveys show that when asked, “What is the most urgent problem in the U.S. today?” people respond, “Greed.” Strangely enough when asked about their own personal problems people rarely talk about greed. It seems that greed is the predominant national problem which affects no one individually. This strange phenomenon calls for some study and that is what we want to do today.

I. Greed is a significant problem for human beings because greed is energized by d___________.

A. Greed is a big problem, not just for Americans, but especially for American _______________.

B. Not only does greed keep its presence secret, there are few sins that so c______________ our heart as greed.

II. How does Proverbs help us with greed?

A. First, Proverbs teaches us that if we want to escape the slavery of greed, we need to be taught how in the ________ (1:8).

B. There are two questions we need to ask of this verse:
1. First, Who is the t________?
a. The fact is, children learn from mother and father how to view ________ and __________.
b. Here is the challenge: not only is it necessary for ____ parent to have their greed under control, ____ must have their greed under control.
2. Second, who is the r___________ of the teaching?

III. Look at how Solomon reinforces his teaching: he says we have a powerful i___________ for listening to our parents (1:9).

IV. Solomon says, “Parents, we must inoculate our children against the world’s lie that money, and what it can buy, will make life w_______ l________.”

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