02-26-27 The Discipline of Confession

“The Discipline of Confession”   James 5:16
We Christians are forgiven children of God, but we all have struggles. And the question we must address is this: Will we keep our struggles hidden, or will we talk with someone about them? The Epistle of James tells us that we should confess our struggles “to each other.” This is called the discipline of confession. What does James teach us about confession?
I First, James did not believe he was saying something n_____ when he called for confession.

II Second, James did clarify one thing about confession often overlooked by many today: confession is not _______ made to _______ (5:16a).

-Some advantages of person to person confession:

1. There is the advantage of o_____________.
2. There is the advantage of reminding us how f____-r_________ our sin is.
3. There is the advantage of a greater appreciation of God’s g_______.
4. There is the advantage of dealing a severe blow to our _________.
5. There is the advantage of gaining an a_____ in our struggle with selfishness.
6. There is the advantage of being able to e____________ those who share our s____________.
7. There is the advantage of being able to experience genuine f____________ from God..

III Third, with his expression “to each other” James lets us know that there are ______ parties involved in confession, and each has r__________________(5:16b).

A. If you are going to confess to someone:

1. Choose the r_______ person.
2. Beware of the too _________ or too ________ syndrome.
3. Confess your ____ sin, not the sin someone committed a_______ y___.
4. Don’t make e_________
5. Remember, forgiveness can only come from _______.

B. If you are going to hear a confession:

1. H_____ their trust – Be d____________.
2. Don’t be s________!
3. Keep _______!
4. Ask God for d______________.

IV James reminds us that the ultimate goal of confession is __________(5:16c).

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