02-19-17 The Discipline of Fasting - Conclusion

“The Discipline of Fasting” (Conclusion)  Matthew 6:16-18

One of the great joys of life is eating good food. That explains why, of all the spiritual disciplines, fasting is probably one of the least popular. But the discipline of fasting is something which can greatly enrich our spiritual lives. In fact, Jesus says fasting can be very rewarding. What are the rewards of fasting? We have already looked at four; today we will see four more:
I Fasting allows us to reach up to God as whole persons.
II Fasting gives us a concrete way to express repentance.
III Fasting provides a way to share in the sufferings of Christ.
IV Fasting helps our prayer.

V Fasting helps us overcome ____________________.

VI Fasting helps us express our g______________.

VII Fasting provides a way to respond to the ________ of ____________.

VIII Fasting provides a mean to experience God in a _______ _________.

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