02-02-20 Kevin Goins - The Discipline of Fasting, Part 2

“The Discipline of Fasting, Part 2” Matthew 6:16-18

This January we are focusing on how we can grow in our relationship with God by using the spiritual discipline of fasting. In Matthew 6 Jesus emphasizes the positives of fasting, but he first begins with three potential negatives.

I The first negative of fasting is the NO evangelicals have typically said to fasting (6:16a).
II The second negative of fasting is the No Jesus says to the abuse of fasting (6:16).
III The third negative of fasting is the No our physical bodies sometimes say to fasting.

IV There are two clues in Matthew 6 that fasting is not a ____________, but something decidedly _____________.

A. First, Jesus says when you fast don’t look ___________ (6:16a).

B. Second, Jesus says the focus of our fasting is not ____________ (6:18).

V The rewards of fasting:

A. First, fasting allows us to reach up to God as _________ persons.

1. Fasting puts the body front and center in our relationship with God so that we are not just a _______ or ___________ worshiping God.

2. Not only this, but when worship ignores the body, it not only deprives the body, it _________ the ________ of our spirit.

B. Second, fasting gives us a concrete way to express _________________.

1. Repentance is a change of __________ which produces a change in the way we _________.

2. The practice of repentance went all the way back to God’s command to the people of Israel when they __________ became a __________.

3. The biblical pattern is that repentance and fasting go ________ in _________.

C. Third, fasting provides a way to share in the ____________ of Christ.

1. We cannot share in the __________________ of Christ unless we are first willing to share in his sufferings.

2. The great thing about fasting is that it gives us a simple way to _________ ourselves.

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