01-24-21 Kevin Goins - The 10 Commandments of Worship

“The Ten Commandments of Worship” 
Psalm 15
What do you do to prepare for worship?  Before we can ever prepare ourselves for worship, we need to understand what God requires of those who would come into his presence and worship him.  We find these requirements for the worshiper in Psalm 15.                   

I What does Psalm 15 have to do with worship?

A. While the temple in Jerusalem stood, pilgrims from o________________ Israel would travel to Jerusalem to worship in the temple.

B. These pilgrims would ask the priest on duty at the entrance to the temple this question:  “Who may e_______________ into the Lord’s temple?”  And the priest would respond by quoting ______________ ______.

C. Verse one asks the question:  “Who can come into God’s presence and worship him?” or “Who is p__________________ to worship the Lord?”

II Who is prepared to enter God’s presence and worship?

 A. First, “He whose walk is b____________________” (15:2a).

1. The Hebrew word translated “blameless” means to be w_____________ or c___________________.

2. If you watch how a pure person, a person with integrity, responds to the demands of life, you will see u_____________, c________________, and w_________________.

B. Second, the one who can enter the presence of the Lord and worship him is the one who “does what is r_____________________” (15:2b).

 1. There are ________ things about this righteousness we need to highlight:

a. First, David sees it in ________________ terms, not in ______________________ terms.

b. Second, doing right is a _______________ tense activity.

2. The question is:  Are the things we are doing consistent with the person God d______________ us to be and are they consistent with the person we c_____________ to be.

3. We do not have enough righteousness in o______________________ to give us the right to enter into the presence of God and worship him.

B. Third, the one who can enter into the presence of God and worship him is a person “who speaks the _____________ from his heart” (15:2c).

1. Sometimes we Christians put all our emphasis on what a person says he ______________, but what we should really notice is how he _______________.

2. If our words do not come from our _______________, then we are not prepared to enter God’s presence and worship.

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