01-22-17 The Discipline of Fasting

“The Discipline of Fasting”  Matthew 6:16-18
For the past few weeks we have been looking at the Spiritual Disciplines. These disciplines are patterns of behavior which can help us grow spiritually. But while they can strengthen our
relationship with God, they cannot do everything. They are not magic. For example, in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus gives us his evaluation of the discipline of fasting by looking first at the negatives and then at the positives. Today we are going to look at the negatives of fasting. There are three “NO’s” of fasting:

I   The first “NO” of fasting is the No many e__________ C_____________ have said to fasting (Matthew 6:16a).

Why have many Christians said “NO” to fasting?

1. It is because the forces of our culture have led us to the unbiblical view that our physical body is the e_________ of the ________.

2. We have often associated fasting with what C____________ do.

3. Some evangelicals are critical of fasting because they see it as a w__________.

4. The major reason we have a bias against fasting has nothing to do with the things of the Spirit – it has to do with our c____________ m_____-s_____.

II The second “NO” of fasting is the No Jesus says to the a___________ of fasting (6:16-18).

III The third “No” of fasting is the No our p____________ b__________ sometimes say to fasting.

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