01-19-20 Kevin Goins - What we must do to hear from God

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“What We Must Do to Hear From God” Luke 2:36-38

Many people, both Christian and non-Christian, would like to hear from God, but how do we make that happen? In the Christmas story we find someone who can teach us what we must do to hear God speak to us. Her name is Anna. What does she teach us about listening to God?

I First, we cannot be satisfied with a s___________________ life .
A. Anna’s _______ was to hear from God.
B. Hearing from God ran in her _____________.
C. Her desire to hear from God made her s________ o_______.
D. Anna’s biggest __________ was to hear from God.
E. Jesus made it clear that the superficial life h_________ our relationship with God.

II Second, we must be __________ we can hear from God (2:37b).
A. While Anna waited to hear from God about the birth of the Messiah, she was a_________ on what she had already heard
B. The only place we can really hear from God is a place of ___________________.

III Third, we must ask like we really _____________ it (2:37c).
A. Just as Anna fasted for Jesus to come the ________ time, so we must fast for him to come the _____________ time.
B. Fasting, as Richard Foster points out, is all about _________ from God.

IV Finally, if we want to hear from God, we must know what to do with the ________________ (2:38). -- Three things we must do if we want answers:
A. We must ______________ an answer.
B. We must _________ _______________ for the answer.
C. We must ____________ about the one who is the answer.

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