01-12-20 Kevin Goins - Paul’s Helping Resolutions

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“Paul’s Helping Resolutions”   Philippians 3:12-14

Many Christians do not believe in making resolutions, but the Apostle Paul made the kind of resolution in Philippians 3:10-11 which takes our breath away! Fortunately for us, Paul provides us with some helping resolutions which are not as daunting as the first, but which can help us as we seek to know and follow Jesus better in 2020.

I When we make resolutions we usually think of what would be i________.

A. Paul makes the ______ ideal resolution any Christian could ever make in 3:10-11.

B. Fortunately, Paul also gives us ________ ___________ resolutions.

II First, we should resolve never to be s____-s___________ followers of Jesus (3:12).

A. With everything that Paul has seen and heard and done, he says, “I am not yet m_____________.”

B. We must resolve never to be satisfied with what we have r____________.

III Second, we should resolve to stop looking _________ (3:13).

A. To forget here cannot mean to stop _____________.

B. To forget the past means to stop allowing it to have any __________ over us.

IV Third, we should resolve to be s_________-m_____________ (3:13b).

A. Only when we _______ at the target of God’s Kingdom can we _______ all the other worthy targets in our life.

B. If we make our one goal to please Jesus, it will benefit _________________, especially those who do _____ know Jesus.

V Lastly, we should resolve to be people who never __________ (3:14).

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