01-10-21 Kevin Goins - How Jesus Taught Us To Begin Every Prayer

“How Jesus Taught us to Begin Every Prayer” 
Matthew 6:9
We usually spend the month of January emphasizing the spiritual disciplines, including prayer.  This year I would like to look at prayer and one of the disciplines we can easily overlook:  worship.  Worship is not only a spiritual discipline, like prayer, but prayer actually depends on the discipline of worship.  What I mean by that is what we see in our text today.                    

I First, prayer must begin with worship because it gives us the opportunity to speak the kind of truth that can c______________ our lives (John 8:31).

 A. Worship is simply t______________ the t____________ about God.

B. When we say God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and omnipresent, we are not trying to e__________________________ him.  We speak these words, first, because they are w___________ of t_____________. 

C. Speaking the truth about God has the power to s________ us f__________:

1. When we speak the truth that God is unlimited in power, it can free us from the fear of our c_____________________________.

2. When we speak the truth that God is a God of grace, it can free us from our slavery to g_____________ and condemnation.

3. When we speak the truth that God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us, it can free us from the lie that life has no d___________________.

D. By reminding us how God can set us free, worship actually begins to chip away at the l_________ that bind us.

E. Worship itself is the beginning of God’s a__________________ to our prayer.

II Second, prayer must begin with worship because it reminds us that real prayer is concerned about __________ and not just our ___________ (Matthew 6:5).

A. The Lord’s Prayer begins with an effort to get our eyes o______ ourselves by getting our eyes o______ God and his work.

B. The greatest barrier between ourselves and God is our s_____-c_________________.

C. Jesus does not want us to be limited to f____-i___ prayers – he wants us to get serious about praying for God’s g_____________.

D. What kind of relationship can we have with God if our prayers are always about _____ and never about __________?

III Third, prayer must begin with worship because that kind of prayer changes our whole e___________________________ (6:9).
A. Why does Jesus want to remind us that the one to whom we pray lives in ____________________?

1. First, the fact that the one to whom we pray is in heaven tells us something about how we ought to a_________________________ him.

 -The breath of ___________ is worship, and so the breath of ____________ should also be worship.

2. Second, getting our minds on where God is as we pray can dramatically change how we v______________ our life.

B. Have you ever prayed and felt like God was far away?  Maybe it is because we are acting like people who are not in God’s p_____________________.

C. If all we want is to pray in the presence of God’s p_________________, then worship is not necessary.  But if we want to pray in the presence of _________, we must pray on holy ground, and on holy ground people ______________.    

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