11-25-2018 Kevin Goins - I Love A Mystery

“I Love a Mystery” (conclusion) John 7:53-8:12

Someone has said, “We all love a good mystery.” If that’s true, then we should really enjoy the passage we’re looking at today because it is loaded with mysteries.

I The first mystery is the mystery of the misplaced story.
II The second mystery is the mystery of iniquity.

III The third mystery is the mystery of the m___________ a___________ (8:3-6a).
A. The fact that only h______ of the wrongdoers were brought to justice tells us that something s____________ is taking place.
B. Putting Jesus into what they thought was a “No-_____” situation was their ______ reason for accusing this woman.

IV The fourth mystery is the mystery of the w______ in the s_________ (8:6b-9a).
A. It’s not w______ Jesus wrote in the dust that is important – For two reasons:
1. If what he wrote was important, we would have been t_______ what it was.
2. When John says (8:9) that the accusers went away, he says it was because of what they h_______ from Jesus, not because of what they s____ written in the dirt.
B. In response to their question, Jesus i________ the Pharisees, showing them that he doesn’t take their show of righteousness s____________.

V The fifth mystery is the mystery of the Holy Spirit’s power to c___________ us with our sin (8:9).
A. When these men first dragged in the girl, they felt no g_______ at all.
B. Jesus said sentence against the woman must be carried out only by those who are not guilty of the s_______ s_____.

VI The sixth mystery is the mystery of the g________ of the Lord Jesus Christ (8:9-11).
A. The one who had every right to c_________ her, chose not to,
because his mission was not to condemn, but to s_______.
B. When Jesus said, “I do not condemn you,” he knew what those words would cost him - they would cost him the ________.

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