10-07-2018 Kevin Goins - 6 Steps to Peace, part 6

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“Six Steps to Peace” (Pt 6)  Proverbs 3:9-10

In Proverbs 3:1-12 Solomon tells us about the six dimensions of life for which God has a special kind of peace for us. Today we look at verses 9-10 which focus our attention on financial peace.

I Let’s begin with the command: (3:9) “Honor the Lord with your w_________.”

A. The noun “wealth” originally meant all p________ or m__________ p____________ which have value.

1. The Hebrew word literally means e___________.

2. What’s striking about this is that Solomon doesn’t say “Honor the Lord with your t__________.”

B. To honor God is to say that God is worthy of r___________, o__________, and a_____________.

II With the second part of the command Solomon pokes even harder: “Honor God with your wealth, with the f____________ of all your crops.”

A. Solomon says we should give God the raysheeth, or firstfruits, which means the f______ and the b________.

B. Giving God our firstfruits means we make giving to the Lord our f_____ p__________, before anything else.

III That’s the command and the command hurts, but there is o______________ in the form of a p____________.

A. The promise is that God will bless us with that which can be used to do good to ___ and to o________ p_________.

B. The principle is simple: honor God with what we h_____ and he will give us m______ which we can use to honor him.

IV But this raises a question: isn’t this the p___________ G___________?

A. What’s wrong with this teaching?

1. First, they lack convincing S__________ s___________.
2. Second, they do not live like m___________ of the Gospel.
3. Third, they treat God like a get-r____-quick scheme rather than the righteous j________ of the universe.
4. Fourth, they give people the idea that we should never have to face s____________ in this life.
5. Last, they talk about money as if it is the u_____________ blessing.

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