09-30-2018 Kevin Goins - 6 Steps to Peace, part 5

“Six Steps to Peace” (Pt 5)   Proverbs 3:7-8

In Proverbs 3:1-12 Solomon tells us about the six dimensions of life for which God has a special and unique kind of peace for us. Verses 1-2 focused our attention on Spiritual Shalom, or peace with God. Verses 3-4 were about Community Shalom, or peace with people. Verses 5-6 directed our attention to decision-making shalom. Today we look at another kind of Shalom.

I When we are well, we don’t think about how our s_________ life is connected to our p____________ life.

A. This connection is c_______________.

B. This connection is b_______________.

II Today we are looking at p____________ shalom – the peace we can experience in our b__________.

A. This shalom catches us o_____-g___________. We don’t e_________ it.

B. Those uncomfortable with this connection do their best to interpret verse 8 as a reference to s__________ healing, rather than p__________ healing.

C. But S__________ makes it clear he is talking about physical healing.

III The promise states that there is something we can do spiritually which will bring h_______ and p________ to our physical body. But what?:

A. If you ask me today, ‘How can I be healed?’ I would refer you to J_________ ___:____.

B. The interesting thing about the Old Testament is that while it speaks about God’s cure for spiritual and physical sickness, it puts more emphasis on p___________.

IV Let’s look at the commands:

A. First, “Do not be w_______ in your own e_______.”

B. Second, “F______ the Lord.”

C. Third, “S_______ evil.”

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