09-27-20 Kevin Goins - Proverbs 4 Only Two Ways, Part 2

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“Only Two Ways”  
Proverbs 4:10-17 (Part two) 

American Democracy is founded on the idea that we can make our way in life howsoever we desire.  But exactly how many ways are there to go in this life?  Solomon has an answer to that question in our text

I In the next four verses Solomon tells his son about four things that walking the way of wisdom will do for us.

A. First, walking the way of wisdom will prolong our life (4:10).

B. Second, walking the way of wisdom will place us on a straight path (4:11).

C. Third, walking the way of wisdom will enable us to make forward progress (4:12).

D. Fourth, walking the way of wisdom ________________ our life (4:13).

 1. There are _______ things we need to see about this word “instruction.”

  a. First, Solomon uses this word as another name for ___________.

b. Second, by instruction Solomon means c__________________ or what we would call d_____________.

2. Pain teaches us things we never _________________, and the lessons we learn from pain help us avoid the things that can ___________ us.

II. As Solomon gave us four a________________ to walking the way of wisdom, he now gives four d_____________________ to walking the way of foolishness.

 A. First, it leads us to i___________________ foolish people (4:14).

1. The Hebrew word translated “do not set foot” refers to the __________ instant when a person comes into a place – the moment of first contact.

2. The problem with first “setting foot on a path” is that it always leads to “______________” on that path.  

3. When we are impressed by someone, we begin to i_____________ him or her in some way.

B. Second, it leads to something we must a______________ a____________ (4:15).

1. Some believers have the idea that once you decide to follow Jesus, all your f_____________ decisions are made _____ you.

2. When we walk the road of foolishness we lack the strength and guidance to actively avoid lots of ___________ roads throughout our life.

C. Third, it leads to s______________________ (4:16).

 -What is so wrong with the way of foolishness?  It is not only a horrible lifestyle filled with guilt and sleeplessness, but it is so e________________________.

D. Fourth, it leads to i___________________________ (4:17).

1. Bread and wine is a metaphor for f__________ and so Solomon is saying that those who walk the way of foolishness actually f__________ on evil.

2. Why is evil so attractive to us?  We are entertained by evil characters in books and movies because evil is _____________ to our true nature than good.     


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