09-15-19 Kevin Goins - My Grandpa was a Baptist Preacher

“My Grandpa Was a Baptism Preacher!” John 8:37-59

What is it that people who do not have Jesus in their life depend on to make themselves feel secure about Judgment Day? One of the things people lean on is their pride in their godly ancestors. In our text today
Jesus lets us know that our forbearers, as wonderful as they may have been, cannot save us from the consequences of our sin.

I There are some expressions which people think are m_________. One of these is “I believe in _________!”
A. People also feel safe saying, “I’m not perfect, but I try to live the _____ life I ______.”
B. Another expression people believe will save them on judgment day is: “My mother was a real _________.”
C. One thing many are counting on to save them from God’s judgment is their Godly a___________ - But it is _____ enough.

II Jesus says that _______ speak louder than our family _______ (8:37-38)
A. Jesus begins by saying, “I know you are the s_________ of Abraham – You have godly _____.”
B. In the ancient world they put a great emphasis on ___________ - they believed you could never be __________ than your ancestors.
C. Many today want a family tree they can be ________ of.

III Jesus says we all have an ancestor in our family line we would rather ____________ (8:39-41).
Jews in that day thought Abraham had earned a vast treasury of m_______ in God’s eyes and his descendants could d_______ on that merit.
B. But in verse 39 Jesus says it is not just about being the o___________ of Abraham, it is about d_______ the things Abraham did.

IV There are two problems with this truth:
A. First, many do not believe in the _________.
B. The second problem is that while many do not believe in the devil, we do believe in ___________.

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