08-18-19 Kevin Goins - The Truth About The Truth That Sets Us Free, part 2

“The Truth about the Truth that Sets Us Free” (Pt 2) John 8:30-36

John 8:32 has been used by all sorts of people to promote all sorts of ideas. But a biblical text cannot mean whatever we want it to mean. What is the truth about the truth that sets us free?

I The truth that sets us free isn’t only for the believer. In fact, it’s actually directed at the non-believer (8:30).
II There is a truth that can set us free, but many are skeptical of this (8:31a)
III Third, to be set free by the truth, we must use our _________ (8:32).
A. Verse 32 does ____ say what we Bible-believing Christians should ___________ it to say.
-Over and over the Bibles says we must _________. Yet here Jesus says we must __________.
B. One of the greatest issues of the Christian life has always been the relationship between f________ and f___________.
The Bible does not take an _____-intellectual approach to the Christian life because it was God who created our ________ as well as our spirit.
D. An anti-intellectual approach to the Bible is actually more in keeping with the __________ approach to the Bible.

IV The truth is a __________(8:31-32).
A. The truth that sets us free is objective fact, but these facts are not about ________; these facts are about a __________.
B. You cannot know the truth without being a disciple of Jesus, and you cannot be a disciple of Jesus without having a p___________ c____________ with him.
C. If truth is focused on a __________, then we need that _________ to know the truth.

V We Evangelicals aren’t comfortable talking about ________.
-When we act as if faith is all we have, that there is nothing we can know, we drive ___________ __________ out of the church and we face our culture with ________.

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